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Modern UI Designs

Visually captivating and user-friendly designs that enhance the audience experience.


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Web design program

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Say goodbye to complicated design tools! Mobirise makes website development a breeze, allowing users to create stunning websites with ease. Simply choose a theme, arrange blocks on the interface, and personalize your content with images and fine-tuned messaging. Preview your masterpiece before publishing. With Mobirise, building a professional-looking website is effortless, even for non-tech-savvy users.

Awesome designs

Mobirise simplifies the process of creating unique web page designs by offering a vast selection of over 8,000 blocks, templates, and themes. With an extensive range of textures and features, web designers can effortlessly combine various layout elements to craft stunning and customized designs.


For innovative CEO & owners who wants to make a difference

Let QC Fixer Solutions support your success in the digital world. Make the most out of the digital market with a capable partner who could lead you towards your goal. 

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Creates Interaction

Engage with your audience to gain insight of their needs.

Delivers Conversion

The increased traffic and leads will boost sales.

Generate Revenues

Expect up to 3 times better revenue growth.

Increase Brand Awareness

Builds better reputition and develop a better relationship with your audiences.

Time Management

Focus on your business and let us help you with marketing your brand!


We plan out effective strategies that benefit your business.

The tools & Social Media Platform that we use

Our Services


Create an identity for your brand.

Apps Development

Unlock a new level for your business with an app!

Photo Shooting

Capture beautiful moments that tell stories.

Website Development

Get your customised website that is beautifully designed yet functional.

Graphic Design

We bring the stories to life that will let viewers linger around for a longer time.

Digital Marketing

Increase visibility with our services: SEO marketing, Google Ads Marketing and YouTube Marketing


Providing you with a clear brand identity and message that connects with your customers.

Video Production

Producing videos that are engaging and tailor-made to your business.

The process

How we grow it

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Color System

The chosen colors are carefully selected to create a harmonious visual experience, ensure legible text, and differentiate interface elements and components. Color is also employed to convey meaning and enhance the overall design communication.


Black 100

Hex #1c1c1c

Black 90

Hex #333333

Black 80

Hex #494949

Black 60

Hex #777777

Black 40

Hex #A4A4A4

Black 20

Hex #D2D2D2

Black 10

Hex #E8E8E8

Black 05

Hex #F4F4F4

Primary & Secondary Colors

Dark Blue 100

Hex #091841

Dark Blue 90

Hex #222F54

Dark Blue 80

Hex #3A4667

Dark Blue 60

Hex #6B748D

Dark Blue 40

Hex #9DA3B3

Dark Blue 20

Hex #CED1D9

Dark Blue 10

Hex #E6E8EC

Dark Blue 05

Hex #F3F3F5

Blue 100

Hex #163AC7

Blue 90

Hex #2D4ECD

Blue 80

Hex #4561D2

Blue 60

Hex #7389DD

Blue 40

Hex #A2B0E9

Blue 20

Hex #D0D8F4

Blue 10

Hex #E8EBF9

Blue 05

Hex #F3F5FC

Light Blue 100

Hex #30D1FF

Light Blue 90

Hex #45D6FF

Light Blue 80

Hex #59DAFF

Light Blue 60

Hex #83E3FF

Light Blue 40


Light Blue 20

Hex #D6F6FF

Light Blue 10


Light Blue 05


Teal 100

Hex #3395A0

Teal 90

Hex #47A0A9

Teal 80

Hex #5CAAB3

Teal 60

Hex #85BFC6

Teal 40

Hex #ADD5D9

Teal 20


Teal 10


Teal 05


Supporting Colors

Green 100

Hex #88C100

Green 90

Hex #94C81A

Green 80

Hex #A0CE33

Green 60

Hex #B7DA66

Green 40

Hex #CFE699

Green 20

Hex #E7F3CC

Green 10

Hex #F3F9E5

Green 05

Hex #F9FCF2

Yellow 100

Hex #FFB81C

Yellow 90

Hex #FFBF33

Yellow 80

Hex #FFC649

Yellow 60

Hex #FFD477

Yellow 40

Hex #FFE3A4

Yellow 20

Hex #FFF1D2

Yellow 10

Hex #FFF8E8

Yellow 05


Orange 100

Hex #FF6720

Orange 90

Hex #FF7636

Orange 80

Hex #FF854D

Orange 60

Hex #FFA479

Orange 40

Hex #FFC2A6

Orange 20

Hex #FFE1D2

Orange 10

Hex #FFF0E9

Orange 05

Hex #FFF7F4

Red 100

Hex #CA3604

Red 90

Hex #CF4A1D

Red 80

Hex #D55E36

Red 60

Hex #DF8668

Red 40


Red 20

Hex #F4D7CD

Red 10


Red 05

Hex #FCF5F2



The typographic scale plays a crucial role in establishing standard typefaces and organizing a consistent hierarchy, resulting in a predictable information architecture throughout the product. To achieve this, we have implemented the versatile and scalable ‘Poppins’ font family.

Hierarchyweightsizeline height
h1 headlinebold5672
h2 headlinebold4056
h3 headlinemedium2840
h4 headlineregular2632
h5 headlineregular2232
h6 headlineregular2028
body largemedium1627
body mediummedium1420
body smallregular1216


Consistency in shadow usage portrays elevation. The size of the shadow corresponds to the level of elevation, with higher surfaces having larger shadows and lower surfaces having smaller shadows. When a surface maintains the same elevation despite changes in shape or scale, its shadow remains unchanged.


box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);

mid drop-shadow

box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 1);

low drop-shadow

box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.05);

high drop-shadow

box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.15);



Shape variations can range from subtle to significant, each serving a specific purpose or conveying meaning. Shapes aid users in identifying components and influence their usability. To ensure component recognition, we have employed two distinct values.

Border Radius: 0px

Border Radius: 8px

Border Radius: 30px

Border Radius: 50px


UI Components

Components are the fundamental building blocks of our design system, carefully crafted to fulfill specific interaction and UI requirements. They are designed to seamlessly integrate and work together, forming patterns and delivering intuitive user experiences.

Primary Button
Secondary Button
Icon Button
Image Button
Navigation / Drawer
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Column #1Column #2Column #3
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